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International Journal of Forensic Medicine

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Blood stain identification and its DNA stability on different fabrics

Author(s): Rakshita Singh

Abstract: In forensic sciences, blood samples that have been obtained from a place where a crime has taken place, is considered very imperative in analysis and criminal investigation. There are different methods by which forensic scientist can identify and extract genomic material from the source sample. Methods like Kastel-Mayer test, Benzidine test, Lumiscein test, Fluorescence test etc are commonly used in forensic scientist to identify blood stain in laboratory or on a crime scene. Choice of method used by the forensic scientist generally depend upon the crime scene and evidences. In order to identify a real criminal DNA analysis is also very important. Isolation of DNA include lysis of cell, collection of DNA and concentration of it. There are PCR based techniques used now a day’s which does not require cell lysis process. After isolation, gel electrophoresis was performed and separate bands of DNA are observed while visualizing gel under UV light. This paper present a review on different methods used in forensic analysis of blood stain.

DOI: 10.33545/27074447.2020.v2.i1a.21

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Rakshita Singh. Blood stain identification and its DNA stability on different fabrics. Int J Forensic Med 2020;2(1):21-24. DOI: 10.33545/27074447.2020.v2.i1a.21
International Journal of Forensic Medicine
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